Sunday, August 19, 2012

Remember the Future

Remember the future. Not your future - THE future.

There's an unfolding that's bigger than the universe and older than eternity. It IS the universe; or more accurately, the dynamic impetus that manifests as time and space, happening and being. It's unimaginably vast, inconceivably ancient and will exist beyond all comprehension. It is, itself, “alive”. But in terms of the stuff of the universe, life, is the rarest element in all of existence.

To disrespect the sanctity of this wee bubble of life suspended in inhospitable emptiness (that we're infinitely blessed to be a part of), and to act in a harmful manner toward its well being – to discount, deface and destroy the most precious of ALL creations - is the most flagrant and violent moral offense that I can imagine. How can anyone possibly justify feelings of superiority toward that which enables his very existence? To imagine that one's personal drama is a higher priority than all else, is like the splash of a single raindrop thinking it's superior to all of human history.

It requires turning a deaf ear to the voice in/of one's soul to harbor such hubris. Once one's own ethical sensibilities have been dismissed in favor of self aggrandizing reasoning, his/her capacity to discern right from wrong is lost. And the disconnect doesn't remain isolated or turn itself on and off, depending on the situation. For those who have committed to rules or beliefs at the cost of muting their consciences, all perceptions are filtered through personal preconceptions, and judgments and decisions are motivated by selfish interests.

If we owe anything to something other than ourselves, we owe our lives, not merely to past generations, but to all life on earth, now and into the future - above all else. Please, in all your seeing and thinking and prioritizing and planning and acting and speaking and dreaming, respect the whole, seek to be (and live a life) of benefit for something bigger, and remember the future that you're creating.

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  1. I tend to believe that all is part of the whole - the self-centered personal drama and violence and all. Maybe it is all meant and necessary to exist? Maybe we also need to accept and forgive those things, and thus help raise the frequency of the vibrations of the whole..? At the same time the true hell is inside and the more people disconnect the more miserable they are - there seems to be a self-regulating system that keeps everything in perfect balance.